Electronic Archiving

What Does The Electronic Archiving System Consist Of?

The electronic archive is a system that allows keeping track of transactions on electronic devices (ATMs, parking meters, etc.). It is subject to strict regulations, in particular within the framework of the regularization of transactions. An electronic signature and time-stamping system must be included. It thus makes it possible to retain the date, time and type of transaction carried out. The document produced and stored then constitutes a document that can be used as evidence.

There are various types of machines and systems for performing electronic archiving. The choice should be motivated by your needs and the demands of your business.

Ensure the integrity of information entered in the archives

To find all the information relating to the electronic archiving system, it is necessary to consult a blog specialized in this field. It publishes numerous thematic articles (expert opinions, news, etc.) dealing with subjects likely to be of interest to companies wishing to ensure their digital archives’ integrity, sustainability, and confidentiality.

Currently, many solutions offered by specialized providers are available on the market. Still, according to experts, it may be advantageous to use the system based on the blockchain if one wants to rationalize the costs of archiving its documents. . Also known under the technical name of “blockchain”, this is a ledger shared by all companies with an internal electronic archiving system.

To ensure the integrity of the information entered therein, each transaction archived in the journal must be the subject of a deposit certificate. Including the fingerprint of the file and the metadata, it is signed by the company’s private key and transmitted to the nodes of the network. Thanks to this mechanism, it has become possible to quickly verify the archives’ accountability and integrity.

So, if you want to modify an archive, you have to go back to the initial repository and change all the sealed logs as a whole. This operation is not only tedious, but it also represents huge costs.