The cold season is approaching, and you have to come up with ways to stay warm. Apart from warm sweaters and other items, you can use electric blankets. They are efficient and will keep you warm for the entire season. However, you should have the following tips on using electric blankets to enhance your safety. Electricity is a hazard on the wrong hands.


The dos when using electric blankets

According to John who is an electrician in South Auckland Pick a product that meets the conditions set by Underwriters Laboratories Standards. Such an organization safeguards the integrity and ensures customers are safe when using a product.

You should avoid folding the blanket when in use. It can cause intense heating and tamper with comfort. Make sure the blanket is flat instead. Consider keeping pets away as they can damage the cords and result in electrical faults.

You should lie on top of the blanket as you can damage interior features such as coils. You can also avoid having pillows, clothes, books, pets on top of the electric blanket to ensure heat has an escaping route.

Disconnect and unplug the blanket immediately you notice smoke, overheating, or other flaws. You can alert an electrician for assistance. Discontinue using the product if the manufacturer does not provide a solution.


The don’ts when using an electric blanket

Avoid using the bedding on infants or anyone who is not capable of controlling the heat rates. It can result in accidents. It is also not advisable for you to use the blanket overnight unless the manufacturers approve it.

You should not use an electric blanket on a water bed. It could be a recipe for a fire disaster or electrocution. When storing the cords, you should avoid twisting them as it can result in damages and cause short circuits. Lastly, you should avoid washing and ironing an electric blanket since it can tamper with the coils.

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